Sure, being unbeaten is nice. But when you can win and enjoy the company of your teammates, well, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

“It’s the unselfishness of this team,” said Tonawanda bowling coach Daryle Macro.
“That’s what makes coaching a blast.”

The 2016-17 season has definitely been a blast for the Warriors and Lady Warriors as they both improved to 4-0 in ECIC Small School North Division after sweeping Maryvale by matching 6-1 scores on Jan.11.

The secret to Tonawanda’s success is hardly a secret at all. Selflessness. Every kid that steps to the line for the Warriors and Lady Warriors wants to do his or her best, but they are even happier when a teammate has a great game or a highlight reel throw.

Their match against Maryvale was key as it was the first league match since coming back from the holiday break. Though Macro didn’t call it the home stretch of the regular season, putting in strong performance against Maryvale was vital to continuing their quest for the division crown and beyond.

“This is the second half of the season where you have to dial it up and start really getting focused,” said Marco.

“I’d like to see them kinda bring their averages up a little bit and get ready for sectionals.”

Senior co-captains Aaron Simonds and Adam Moore continue to be the voices of leadership for the Warriors. Simonds,is making a serious bid for the league’s Triple Crown as he came into the week with the highest single game (277) and series (725) and is second only to Maryvale’s Braedon Suffoletta in top average.

“They’re the leaders. They’re the captains. They set the tone for the rest of the group,” Macro said. “So these young kids they’ve never gone through it. They don’t understand (crunch time) these guys have. They say ok now it’s time.”

Colton Simonds, a junior, continues to bowl well for the Warriors. Going back to his original statement, Macro said the driving force of the team’s success is the fact that everyone roots for each other. One bowlers success is something they can all take pride in and celebrate.

“I talked to Aaron today. I told him that Colton is right on his heels. Aaron said ‘good. I hope he passes me.’” Said Macro.

“That means if he’s doing well I’m doing well and we’re all doing well. And that’s just the unselfishness that these boys have.”

Aaron Simonds agreed saying that at the end of the day team success and sticking together is what matters most.

“I think it’s a big part of us (so far) and probably for the rest of the season,” Simonds said.

On the Lady Warriors side of the lane senior co-captains Marina McClure and Dayna Daugherty continue to dominate as McClure is No.1 in average (206.11), single game (254) and high series (670). While Daugherty is in second place in high game (246) and high series (666).

“I couldn’t ask for anything more,” said Lady Warriors coach Josh Barber. “They’re doing a real great job this year of guiding the team to where it needs to be. When I need a big game one or the other or sometimes even both are putting up that big game to help secure a win.”
Like the boys’ team, the Lady Warriors knew that even though they were facing a young Maryvale squad, this was a match they couldn’t take lightly and that it was important to make a statement early.

“We used the end of last week and the beginning of this week to kind of get back in the swing of things,” said Barber.

“Coming off of the long holiday (break) it’s tough to get back in there, but I feel like they are all ready. We’re great in the depth department so I feel like we’re gonna be able to just get back in the swing of things.”