Orchard Park Wrestling

Orchard Park Wrestling

WNY Athletics is a community-driven website. We rely heavily on local players, parents and coaches to be our “eyes and ears” at events we are not able to attend. Everybody who visits our website is welcome to submit a press release to our publishing staff for review. If it meets our guidelines we will post your article on the site.

General Guidelines For Submitting Articles

  • Submissions should be, in general, between 150 – 500 words.
  • Article must use proper grammar and be spell checked.
  • Articles should be submitted via email to letusknow@wnyathletics.com. Please place the written content in the email body with any images included as attachments. We will need at least one image to include in the article.
  • Articles can be submitted with multiple images. We will use these within the article itself if appropriate.
  • All emails should include the author’s name, phone number and connection to the team or event.
  • Articles can relate to both past and future events. If you have a community event coming up we would love to help promote it.
  • Please understand that submitting an article does not guarantee inclusion on our website. All submissions are reviewed by our staff and held to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.
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